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We’re facilitating the growth of everyone in the tech community

We want to build a world where great ideas, products, and companies come to fruition quickly whilst achieving the required impact.

Build Up is an annual community-wide reach program that aims to equip the community with the most valuable of resources. We are working towards a reality where talents are afforded the right tools to grow.

So far, we’ve been able to realize 2 editions - impacting 100 talents, each with a Macbook, and awarding 50 of them with a 6-month subscription to PluralSight.

At Enyata, we believe Nigeria, and Africa at large, is the next technology hub of the world. With this understanding, we are willing to be a part of the story. That and alongside our continuous drive to create better opportunities for everyone has led us to announce the 3rd edition of Enyata Build Up - another 50 Macbooks for 50 talents.

BuildUp is a community initiative heralded by Enyata Inc. Enyata is a technology company providing engineering-as-a-service solutions at scale to organizations across multiple industries.

About image