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Do you need a Macbook Computer?

At Enyata, we believe Nigeria and Africa at large is the next technology hub of the world. With this understanding, we’re willing to be a part of it, making it happen soonest. To this effect, we’re starting an initiative, Project BuildUp.

The vision of this project is to provide learning resources/infrastructure and support 10,000 young Africans in their tech growth and journey over the next 5 years. The first step is to support 50 young deserving tech talents in Nigeria. Each of the selected applicants will receive for free:

  • An Apple MacBook Computer
  • A 6-month subscription on Pluralsight

We believe providing this resource will help empower a good number of Africans to build the next generation of digital platforms, helping to jointly make Nigeria and Africa the next technology hub of the world. Click here to apply

About image